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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nicolette & Alex: A Pinwheel Beach Wedding

This real wedding is near and dear to me as it's my youngest sister, Nicolette's wedding.  When she let me know that she'd like to include pinwheels in her big day of course I jumped for joy and then I sat her down and seriously asked if she was wanting to include them only to be 'nice' to her big sister or if she actually truly wanted them in her wedding. You see, as the owner of a business that specializes in personalized pinwheels, I never know if my friends/family really want to integrate my products or if they are trying to be kind by doing me and the business a favor. :)  But, thankfully in my sister's case, she was getting married on the beach in Amelia Island, Fl and was envisioning a fun rather than a formal wedding.  Pinwheels in a beach setting scream fun so we moved ahead with the planning details. She didn't envision her wedding being totally pinwheel centered rather just hints of pinwheels here and there. I designed custom papers to go with her color scheme of yellow, pink, orange and slight green accents. They can be viewed here. These papers were used to create her custom pinwheels.  Pinwheels were included on her Save the Date, on wedding signage, in bridal bouquets, as boutonnieres, as beach decor, as cake decor,  and also as part of the napkin ring.

My sister asked all three of us sister's to be her bridesmaids.  {I'm in the yellow.} We included both large handheld pinwheels and pinwheel picks in our bouquets.  We assembled the bouquets in the very early hours of her wedding day. Did I mention that we aren't florists and don't have experience making bouquets yet here we were at 3 am trying to assemble bouquets? I started out making them as I once took a couple hour class on how to assemble flower arrangements so at least I had some experience - or so I thought. Hehe. To say my first attempt looked horrible is a huge understatement. Looking back, I wish I'd snapped a photo.  It was the ugliest bouquet I've ever seen.  A few months after the fact, it seems rather laughable, but let me tell you in that moment, I almost had a severe panic attack as they were just looking so wrong and we had very little time to correct them.  Thankfully my oldest sister, Erin, took over and perfected the bouquet process just a couple short hours before we had to head over to the reception site to decorate the morning of the wedding.  Moral of the story: Even though things worked out in the end, do not go the diy route at the last minute.  At least create them the day before or even better hire a florist to create the bouquet and have he/she insert the pinwheels for you. :)

Our peony yard pinwheels were placed into tins filled with grass and gerber daisies to line the wedding aisle.  The tins were filled to the brim with sand to keep them weighted down.

A close-up of the bridal bouquet.

And a close-up of my bridesmaid bouquet.

It was a pleasure being such an integral part of one of the biggest days of my sister's life! 

To view more photos of her big day including her fun manzanita branch centerpieces, fingerprint tree guest book, and Jones Soda Escort Card table, just click here.

Photos courtesy of Bliss and Whimsy Photography.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carrie & Sean: Happy Wedding Day

Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 6
I began working with Carrie, an Australian Bride, back in June of 2010 on pinwheels for her September wedding. From the colors and designs selected, I just knew that her wedding was going to be a happy and whimsical garden affair. Fast forward to July of this year ... I received an email from Carrie letting me know that her wedding was featured in Cosmo Bride Australia's My Day. Yay! One look at their wedding photos, and I began to learn why. It was filled to the brim with lots of unique, fun, and whimsical handmade items - lots of them from Etsy. For more photos, of their happy day visit MissPrintDesign. 
Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 5
We provided Carrie and Sean with Large Handheld Pinwheels, which they scattered amongst the walkways and gardens.
Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 3
We also provided them with handheld pinwheels which they placed into pitchers.
Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 1
Didn't they make the cutest centerpieces?
Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 2 I especially loved the seating - long, narrow tables instead of the traditional rounds. 
Carrie & Sean Wedding Large 7 Thanks Carrie and Sean for allowing us to feature your wedding on our site. Thanks also to their photographer, You Can't Be Serious, for allowing us to feature their beautiful photos.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hostess with the Mostess

Sometimes a girl just needs to twirl with delight.
And recently I've twirled twice
as my pinwheels were featured in parties on
one one of my favorite blogs
Several weeks ago they were featured in a
Bright and Bold Butterfly themed party
by Rebekah with A Blissful Nest.
If you are in a down mood now that the drearier days of
fall are upon us just visit the post about the party
it will surely brighten your day!

just recently Amy with Amy Nichols Special Events
emailed to let me know that her Bouncy Ball Themed event was
also featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog.
I loved working with Amy on these pinwheels as the theme was so creative.
Although it was ball themed, it was a subtle ball theme with lots of circles and polka dots
instead of the traditional sports balls.
Love how it turned out!
You will too.

I'm also twirling with delight as fall is here and things have slowed a bit.
I finally have time to breath.
This has allowed me to spend some more time with my Little Gabers
who is growing way too fast
to check out some recent photos on/around his 6 month birthday click here.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Awhile back, in the wee hours of the morning, I came across the below invitation for sale on Etsy. I immediately went gaga (no, not lady gaga) over it. Yes, because of the pinwheels, but also because of the vintage carnival design. I quickly contacted anders ruff (the sellers) asking if I could design some papers to coordinate with this invitation. And much to my delight, I received a response - almost immediately - from both Adria and Maureen (yes - two separate messages) - which is sayin' a lot as it was seriously like 1 in the morning. (Do us etsians ever sleep?) They were kind enough to agree - yay! So, I stayed up the rest of the night designing the papers. Not-even-joking. Wish I were. Who needs sleep? Not I - especially when I've found such a find!

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, and here we are. The final products using their inspired papers. I would place some more photos in this blog posting, but what can I say, I'm not going to.
I wish I could provide some very exciting excuse such as I'm just about to catch a flight to - insert exotic location - but the truth of the matter is that I have a crying 4.5 month old (on my lap - typing with one hand - such fun), have been spit up on three times in the last hour, and I have 6 shipments to get out the door very soon. (How I'm going to carry them and Gabe into the post office , not so sure yet. Hubby - please arrive home early tonight.) The only thing getting me through this day is the Christmas music playing in the background - yes, I said Christmas music. (What - is it too early?) So, to view all of my exciting carnival creations just click here. Hope this will do.
If not, visit AndersRuff's blog as they obviously have it much more together and have tons of photos posted. While you are there, register to win over $114 of my products.
I promise, if you are the lucky winner, or if you are one of the unlucky folks who actually has to purchase one of my products (wait that sounds terrible), not a one of them will have spit up on them. We try to keep that contained to mommy's clothes. :)
On a side note: visit their etsy shop to purchase the invite.
It's a print yourself invite so super affordable. They also have lots of other printable items.
Perfect for everyone on a budget - and who isn't these days? I even offer diy kits for my products.
Well, I'm off. My xmas music has just shut off. My sign that it's time to be moving right along.
Have a fantabulous weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

uber- exciting news

I have some uber- exciting news.
In case you are wondering, uber is a few steps higher than super.
featured in the 2010 fall/winter issue of the knot magazine.
Check out page 56 in the notebook trends section -
5 ways brides are saving $5,000.
We were featured as #3 - they're skipping the flower girls' bouquets.
This news seriously made my month -
I didn't even realize that I'd made the issue until a friend,
who just got engaged, emailed me about it.
A staffer did request samples months ago - she said
that they loved them and then I never heard another word.
So, I just thought they weren't going to be included.
Guess I was wrong - for once, I'm glad I was wrong!
Since the arrival of little Gabe in April I've found it difficult
balancing this pinwhirls business and a newborn.
Some days, when I look at my to do list, I think it's impossible
and some days I just want to give up.
But, it's news like this that keeps me going.
So, thank you the knot, for making my month!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Molly & Logan: Pinwheels Galore

I had the pleasure of working with Molly beginning in the fall of 2008. She was one of those totally organized brides whom I love to work with as not only wasn't her wedding not until May of 2009 (which gave us lots of time to work out the details), she also already had the perfect vision of her wedding day. And, lucky for me, her vision involved a fun pinwheel filled wedding.
She is pictured with her hubby, Logan, above. As you can see pinwheels were pulled into almost every aspect of their big day. Yes, those are fondant pinwheels, on her wedding cake! How cool is that? I just love when something looks good enough to eat, and considering my love for pinwheels, I would so love to take a bite out of one of these cuties. (Although who am I kidding? I couldn't destroy such a precious pinwheel - even if I am 38 weeks pregnant and am craving all things sugar.) :)
And, just look at her Save the Dates - not only are they gorgeous, the cards were also enclosed in a pinwheel fold. See, I wasn't fibbing when I said that pinwheels were used in almost every aspect of the wedding. (Save the Date and Invite Photos courtesy of Giddy Ink.)

The invites were equally as gorgeous - I was instantly in love with their monogram. Just look how the 'M' and the 'L' melt together. Just perfect.

As Molly and Logan left the church they were greeted by their guests waving these 'Love' themed pinwheels. Molly did a great job finding the above scrapbook paper that matched her colors and theme perfectly.

Aren't Molly and Logan the cutest?
In all of their photos you can just see how much they enjoyed their fun-filled day.
Another just totally unique part of their wedding - the wedding party left the church and arrived at the reception in a trolley. Yes, you heard me right - a trolley. It doesn't get much more fun than that. And no, they aren't in San Francisco - they wed in Ohio!
Look at the above pinwheel just a spinning in the wind of the trolley!
When guests arrived at the reception hall, they were instructed where to seat with our pinwheel place cards. Once again, Molly found the perfect favor for these little cuties and I printed their wedding monogram on the inside of these pinwheels. Lisa from Pen & Ink Calligraphy did an awesome job hand lettering the place cards.

The pinwheels were propped into candy filled votive holders.

Oh, just look at the beautiful sea of pinwheels ...

Thanks Molly and Logan for allowing us to feature your wedding on our site.
I'm sure the photos will bring much fun to our followers.
Thanks as well to Kitty Maer Photography for not only capturing such wonderful images but allowing for us to share them.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introducing ...

our Pinwhirl Peonies Pinwheels!
The newest design in our pinwheel collection.
They resemble the foil pinwheels we all remember from our childhood
only less gawdy
and these babies are way too long in the making.
It was my original intention to release similar designs about a year ago - late 2008.
I started the design process and into it realized that the actual reproduction
of double pinwheels would be way too time consuming.
I would either have to charge way too much for these precious pinwheels meaning that very few people would purchase them
I would have to practically give them away meanwhile not making a profit after my time invested in tracing my designs and cutting them by hand.
I took several months to think about it
business got busy with my traditional personalized pinwheels
leaving me no time to ponder
then business slowed down later this summer into early this fall
and I finally had the time to investigate more creative options for replicating these pinwheels.
And I ran across some very exciting options which did not involve me having to
hand trace and hand cut
every ... single ... intricate ... detail ... of these pinwheels.
What I found means that I can finally offer these lovelies to my customers at reasonable prices.
They still cost more than my traditional four quadrant pinwheels as double the paper is involved
(plus there was quite a hefty investment in equipment)
they are also more complicated and thus more time consuming to assemble
but they are still more readily affordable to most.
And the Best News Of All
We now offer
DIY Pinwheel Peony Kits for these both these newly released pinwheels
plus our Traditional Pinwhirls.
These complete kits include instructions, all items needed to assemble pinwheels, and yes even the pre-cut pinwheel heads
All papers from this link are available
Anyone with the time and love for crafting can now create our Pinwhirls on a shoe string budget!
Or, if you are not a crafty crafter, we still offer pre-assembled pinwheels
to browse all of our current Pinwheel Peonies and traditional Pinwheel offerings just click here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kelly & Liam: Beautiful Blue Beach Wedding

Just as this past summer was nearing an end, I was contacted by Eclatante Design to provide pinwheels for Kelly & Liam's (pictured above) September beach wedding. Their colors - blue (very close to tiffany), tan, and white - just perfect for a beach wedding.

Seating cards were attached to the pinwheels which were appropriately propped into beach sand - love those clear class containers! To view a close-up of the pinwheels, please click here.
To view more beautiful photos from this beach wedding please visit Eclatante's blog entries here and here.
Above photos courtesy of Amy Deputy Photography.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Indira & Nevin: Contagiously Cheery Wedding

I began working with Indie in early 2009 for her May wedding. Based on our correspondence I just new that this was going to be one unforgettably fun wedding. And sure enough, when she forwarded me a link to her photos, the amount of fun she and her guests had radiated from all of the still photos. AND - just look at the colors - so bright and cheery.
I created wedding pinwheels for her young guests. (By the way, isn't this one a doll? I'm envious of her curly locks! And the headband - CUTE!) The pinwheels were made with a line of paper called Jacks - of course you can't tell from the black and white photo but the paper features little toy Jacks in all sorts of bright colors.

We also created coordinating table number signs. And isn't this centerpiece - unique? Unique in only the best of ways! In a million years I would have never thought of incorporating a garden troll into a wedding centerpiece, but just like all of the other details of her wedding, someone it just works - in a big way!

Ohhh, and the cupcakes. Yum-mmmmmmyyyyy. I'm drooling even though I just finished dessert with my dinner.

Another view of the table number signs.
To view more photos from their big day just click here.
Thanks Indie and Nevin for allowing us to feature your wedding on our site.
I'm sure the photos will bring much cheer to viewers.
Thanks as well to Karin Von Voigtlander photography for not only capturing such wonderful images but allowing for us to share them.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jessica & Jason: Wedding Pinwheels Featured on 100 Layer Cake

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of working with Jessica, a Canadian bride, on pinwheels for her August wedding which took place at a chateau just outside of Montreal. I just learned that their wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake. Which isn't surprising considering that every single detail was perfect for this sophisticated event with a family style flair.

Our pinwheel place cards are featured in the above photo. I love the simpleness of this place setting - just our pinwheel placed on a white place setting but it somehow looks so elegant. And, aren't those paper placemats to die for?
To view more photos from their wedding please click here. And yes, you'll actually get to see the gorgeous Jessica, and of course her hubby too, who is hiding behind the fan above.
Photos courtesy of Davina + Daniel.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Come One Come All

In early June, I helped my sister plan a birthday party for two of her kids (Emma who was turning 6 and Anthony who was turning 8). Since their birthdays fall only two weeks apart she decided to host the parties together and throw one large gender-neutral bash. The theme - if you haven't guessed it already - the Circus! Since around 30 kids were to be in attendance it had to be an outdoor party. Thank goodness the weather was nice as we didn't have a Big Top. :)
I designed and printed the above pinwheel carnival invitations. The color scheme for the party - red, blue, yellow, and green primary colors, of course.

The above party banner welcomed guests.

And so did spinning yard pinwheels ...

They twirled perfectly in the wind the entire day ...

A large clothespin pinwheel (and balloons) were attached to the mailbox ...

The dessert, cupcakes with carnival themed pinwheel cupcake toppers.

Assorted sizes of handheld pinwheels were also stuck into tin buckets filled with sand and placed around the party zone.

Additional banners - featuring the Birthday Boy and Birthday girl's names.

And some coordinating party pennants.

Carnival themed games were played outside including bean bag toss and pin the nose on the clown. And what party would be complete without a magician (who happened to be named Roger!)?

Treats were served including assorted popcorn, mini corn dogs, animal crackers, peanuts ...

Each child also received a party hat (with the birthday boy and girl receiving a pinwheel party hat) .... AND

Goody bags (filled with all sorts of loot) were kept closed with pinwheel clothespin attachers.

If you would like to throw your own Carnival or Circus themed party, we've designed the below papers that coordinate perfectly with the theme. And all of the above products are available for purchase in our shop.
Just let us know which papers your prefer, or we can always just use an assortment of all of the below papers. :)

Circus Yellow Stripes

Circus Mini Dots

Circus Small Yellow Dots

Circus Small Green Dots

Circus Small Blue Dots

Circus Red Stripes

Circus Large Red Dots

Circus Large Dots

Circus Green Stripes

Circus Small Dots

Circus Diamonds

Circus Blue Stripes